VIDEO: A Journey to Peace

Mark Reynolds


Description:Peace means so much more than the absence of conflict. It means "wholeness or completeness." And Jesus is named as the Prince of Peace. But how does this peace work into our journey?

VIDEO: A Journey to Joy

Mike Miller


Description:So what exactly is joy? It is a result of the Holy Spirt working in us; it's a good feeling felt deeply in the soul; it's also a decision we make. But on this journey, we need to realize that we can't have joy without pain, without people, and without praise. We maintain that joy by following the example of Paul in the book of Philippians, who found joy even though he was in prison.

VIDEO: A Journey to Love

Mark Reynolds


Description:The journey to Christmas includes a journey into the overwhelming love of God shown in the act of sending His son Jesus, to become one of us, and be born in a manger. But the journey doesn't end in a lowly manger. It continues on to a rugged cross and eventually ends near an empty tomb.

VIDEO: A Journey to Hope

Mark Reynolds


Description:In the first week of this year's Christmas message series, we explored the idea that we need to acknowledge that a darkness does exist and that while we embrace the waiting on a Savior to overcome that darkness, we committ ourselves to a journey towards hope. And this hope only comes through the gift of Jesus Christ.

VIDEO: Living Our Common Unity

Mark Reynolds


Description:The early church built a robust and caring community in the face of some difficult challenges. We must do the same today.

VIDEO: Showing Our Common Unity

Mark Reynolds


Description:Being a community that makes a difference can be difficult. But the light always shines brightest in the darkness. We can shine our light way brighter when we are unified than we can on our own. We need community.

VIDEO: The Foundation of Our Common Unity

Mark Reynolds


Description:The foundation of our common unity is having a fully functional and living faith in Jesus Christ.

VIDEO: Having A Common Unity

Mark Reynolds


Description:When you attempt to build true community with others, you have to have something that is common to all and brings unity to them. For the church, our common unity is Jesus.

VIDEO: Valuing Difficult People

Mark Reynolds


Description:Jesus valued people that were hard to value on the surface because he looked past the exterior and loved the real person.

VIDEO: Being Loved Makes All The Difference

Mark Reynolds


Description:When we realize how much God loves us, we can live into our mission of making disciples who love God, love others and serve both. NOTE: we had audio recording issues on this week.

VIDEO: Where Our Value Comes From

Mark Reynolds


Description:When we realize that we are created by God, valued by Him, and made for His purposes, we can't help but see other people the same way. This leads to us valuing everyone.

VIDEO: Sunday Worship vs. Monday Worship

Mark Reynolds


Description:Our worship of God can look very different on Monday than it does on Sunday. When we experience trials, loss, or unclear direction in life, we should still be staring, continuing and ending our day in worship.

VIDEO: Our Response

Mark Reynolds


Description:Worship can be our response to what God has done and is going to do in our lives. When our hearts and lives desire to honor Him first in all things, God gets glorified through us.

VIDEO: Openhanded

Mark Reynolds


Description:Worshipping God can often be boiled down to what position we put ourselves in. Are we hard-hearted and tightfisted-demanding our own preferences? Or are we openhanded-ready to give God what we have and receive from Him what He wants to give us?

VIDEO: Worship Is ...

Mark Reynolds


Description:Worship is not about the songs we sing or the clothes we wear. It is about what we offer God. Do we offer our hearts? Our lives? Do we give them to God?

VIDEO: Practicing

Mark Reynolds


Description:We get to know God by obeying what He says in the Bible and by actually practicing what we discover in it.

VIDEO: Errors & Reasons

Mike Miller


Description:Some people claim that there are errors in the Bible and therefore can't be trusted. Pastor Mike then provides 3 reasons why a person should NOT obey it, and 3 reasons they SHOULD obey it.

VIDEO: Is The Bible Corrupted?

Mark Reynolds


Description:Pastor Mark illustrates through the history of how the Bible came to be and that it is reliable as the authorative Word of God.

VIDEO: Freedom

Mark Reynolds


Description:Freedom doesn't mean that we get to do whatever we want. It just means we have to be slaves to the right thing.

VIDEO: Freedom

Mark Reynolds


Description:Being free from something implies that at one time, you were enslaved to something else. This is the story of everyone who has put their faith in Jesus and continues in the struggle to become more like Him.

VIDEO: Being Poured Out

Mark Reynolds


Description:Pastor Mark illustrates out of the many examples of people pouring themselves out during the previous week of Kids Camp 2018.

VIDEO: The Impact of Pouring

Mike MIller, Dave Hudgens, Mark Reynolds


Description:Each of the staff members illustrate how their fathers or an influential spiritual father shaped their lives and how godly men can continue doing the same when they pour out their lives into others.

VIDEO: Celebrate The Pouring

Mike Miller


Description:Pastor Mike walks us through how each graduate can celebrate what God has poured out into their lives and how all of us can continue pouring into each other.

VIDEO: Communion & Being Poured Out

Mike Miller, Dave Hudgens, Mark Reynolds


Description:Each of Bethany's staff members help guide the church into a special time of communion.

VIDEO: Empty Your Cup

Mike Miller


Description:We all have a lifetime of experineces that all go into our life's cup. We all have a choice to make regarding how we use what is in our cups. We alll have a chance to make an eternal difference by emptying our cup into the life of someone else. We all have a cup ... we all have a choice ... we all have a chance.

VIDEO: 50 Days Later

Jaremiah Zaretsky


Description:Guest speaker Jeremiah Zaretsky from Jews for Jesus shows from Scripture how 50 days after Jesus rose from the dead and the Holy Spiirt was given wasn't the first Pentecost.