VIDEO: A Journey to Peace

Mark Reynolds


Description:Peace means so much more than the absence of conflict. It means "wholeness or completeness." And Jesus is named as the Prince of Peace. But how does this peace work into our journey?

VIDEO: A Journey to Joy

Mike Miller


Description:So what exactly is joy? It is a result of the Holy Spirt working in us; it's a good feeling felt deeply in the soul; it's also a decision we make. But on this journey, we need to realize that we can't have joy without pain, without people, and without praise. We maintain that joy by following the example of Paul in the book of Philippians, who found joy even though he was in prison.

VIDEO: A Journey to Love

Mark Reynolds


Description:The journey to Christmas includes a journey into the overwhelming love of God shown in the act of sending His son Jesus, to become one of us, and be born in a manger. But the journey doesn't end in a lowly manger. It continues on to a rugged cross and eventually ends near an empty tomb.

VIDEO: A Journey to Hope

Mark Reynolds


Description:In the first week of this year's Christmas message series, we explored the idea that we need to acknowledge that a darkness does exist and that while we embrace the waiting on a Savior to overcome that darkness, we committ ourselves to a journey towards hope. And this hope only comes through the gift of Jesus Christ.

VIDEO: Living Our Common Unity

Mark Reynolds


Description:The early church built a robust and caring community in the face of some difficult challenges. We must do the same today.

VIDEO: Showing Our Common Unity

Mark Reynolds


Description:Being a community that makes a difference can be difficult. But the light always shines brightest in the darkness. We can shine our light way brighter when we are unified than we can on our own. We need community.