Regardless of where you may be on your journey of faith, our adult ministries

aim to take you from where you are at and encourage you to grow

in Jesus Christ together with others on the same journey.

Growing Young Returns

Back in the late winter/spring, before COVID, we started a different kind of class on Sunday mornings. It was intentionally multi-generational because we need to hear from every generation as we seek to become a church where young people are welcomed, sought after, helped, built up and encouraged in their life's journey. We are now hitting the reset button on that study because we only got 3 weeks into it. So starting on January 3 and continuing through the end of February, we will go through this series from the beginning. It all happens every Sunday morning in the gym starting at 9:45am.

If you would like to take one of the evaluations tied to a particular week of this study, see the links below.

Week 2 - Keychain Leadership Assessment

Saturday Men's Bible Study

Weary travelers. You've seen them -- everything they own crammed into their luggage. Staggering through terminals and hotel lobbies with overstuffed suitcases and backpacks. Backs ache. Feet burn. Eyelids droop. At times, we are people like that -- if not with our physical luggage, then at least with our spiritual load. We all lug loads we were never intended to carry. Fear. Worry. Discontent. No wonder we get so weary. We're worn out from carrying that excess baggage. Wouldn't it be nice to lose some of those bags? Using Psalm 23 as a guide, Max Lucado walks us through a helpful inventory of our burdens. May God use this Psalm to remind you to release the burdens you were never meant to bear. All men, come every Saturday at 8:00 am to Room 108.

Discovering Your S.H.A.P.E.

We hosted a class on discovering how God has made us to serve. This class included 7th graders all the way up to the Prime Timers and taught that God has uniquely formed us and placed us together in His body to serve. Various teachers lead this class from week to week. Feel free to take the inventories below and see how you are shaped by God.

Click on the links below to access each week's online inventory/test.

Week 1 - Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Week 2 - Spiritual Gifts Personal Evaluation

Week 3 - Heart Survey

Week 4 - Abilities Survey

Week 5 - Personality Inventory

Week 6 - Experiences Evaluation

Week 8 - Interest Survey

NOTE: There is no Week 7 survey.

We Are Better Together

Church was never supposed to be a building. It has been and must continue to be the people. And church was never meant to be contained under one roof at 11am on a Sunday morning. One way we want to be the church to each other is by joining together in smaller circles in homes outside of the big gathering on Sunday mornings. So do you want to do life with some other people? Do you want to care for and be cared for by a small group of people on a similar faith journey? Then get involved in a Life Group today. Click here to discover a group you can be a part of today.