NOTE: Due to COVID-19, our JR & SR HI students are currently meeting online via Zoom until further notice.

To stay in the loop, parents and students can sign up for text alerts for JR HI by texting @souledoutj to the number 81010. 

For SR HI, text @so-srhi to the number 81010.

To download a annual release form, click here.

To download a permission slip, click here.

To register online for most events, click here.

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When we do meet in person, there is no other place that JR HI and SR HI students should be every Wednesday night! Doors open at 6:30pm, dinner is served at 6:45pm and our weekly meeting starts at 7pm. Each week is another opportunity to build relationships with each other and with the God who not only made us, but loves us so much! It is a place for friends to come and explore what life can be like when we live it the way our Creator has told us. Each night brings some crazy games, some food and a time where we explore real pieces of our lives; the things we wonder about, struggle with, and need to learn more about. We then bring them before the God who is writing our story each and every day. And yes, we’ll end up in the gym for some fun to cap the night off. Don’t miss a single week! 

JR/SR HI Winter Retreat 2021

So we may not be able to go to Barakel this year because of our friend "Rona", but that doesn't mean we can't try to have a retreat of our own! Plans are being made for the weekend of January 29-31. Details will be available in early January.